The Legend Of Ahmad Ibn Majid
The Epic Sailor.

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Battle Of The Winds


Spices was the catchword for sea farers, They brought riches and filled the coffers

The Portuguese and the Spanish vied each other to find a new sea route to India. But they badly needed a map. At Lisbon, Prince Henry was building a navy to find a way to the East. Chung Chung the Chinese traveller turns up at a talent scout, tells the secret of Majid the scholarly Arab sailor’s maps to Henry. Henry sends Chung Chung as his spy, to steal Majid’s map.

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Studio Pava has a vibrant team of creators who has proven their mettle in various fields of media and entertainment.

Pava Creative Studios is in the business of creating new IPs for kids audience world wide. Our objective is to create quality children's content for print, television and OTT platforms. These include story books, little books, comic books and colouring books for the print, concepts for animated series for broadcast and kids shows for OTT platforms.Studio Pava deviates from the traditional way in creating content for the print. We develop ideas in a studio mode, following the process of creating series concepts for television.

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